Latest BIST problem with BS BIST 
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 Latest BIST problem with BS BIST


My simulation which is running in
I am running the following to start this:
vsim envjtag_conf &
ASPEN>> ex setup.jtag
ASPEN>> ex runbsbist.cmd
ASPEN>> T1 free 260000

For SC's simulation (Normal STCL command BIST) is in directory
SC says you should know how to run this one. Call him if not!!

The chains in question are TSI_CHAIN_IN(6) into the BISTCTL3 block ( Look at
comment ,by the way, it says this is a lw falling edge chain. This is NOT TRUE,
tell me???? )
The other chain is TSI_CHAIN_IN(5) into BISTCTL3 which is connected to PFPGAO.

Any questions, call myself or SC


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Mon, 21 Apr 2003 23:32:02 GMT  
 Latest BIST problem with BS BIST


>My simulation which is running in
>I am running the following to start this:
>vsim envjtag_conf &
>ASPEN>> ex setup.jtag
>ASPEN>> ex runbsbist.cmd
>ASPEN>> T1 free 260000

Somebody's doing JTAG boundary-scan device testing in Python?

Way Cool.

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Tue, 22 Apr 2003 06:33:40 GMT  
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