ANN: CSBuddy 1.2 -- Counter-Strike server log file monitor 
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 ANN: CSBuddy 1.2 -- Counter-Strike server log file monitor


    CSBuddy is a tool designed to help Counter-Strike server owners,
    particularly those running AdminMod.  It does two things: First,
    it maintains a queryable database of all players that have been
    seen on the server; and second, it filters the raw logs of a
    Counter-Strike server and distills them into a single CSBuddy log
    which shows only high-level activity such as excessive friendly
    fire incidents, admin activity, and players complaining about
    misbehavior or saying suspicious things.

    This tool is built upon an included Counter-Strike log file parser
    which is provided in a simple derivable class.

Getting the software

    The current version of csbuddy is 1.2.

    The latest version of the software is available in a tarball here:

    The official URL for this Web site is


    CSBuddy requires python version 2.0 or greater.


    This code is released under the GPL.


Release history [since 1.0]

    - 1.2; 2002 Nov 23.  Add -J option for finding by IP prefix
      (subnet); default data files directory changed to
      $HOME/.csbuddy instead of $HOME; improved invocation reference
      in documentation.

    - 1.1; 2002 Nov 10.  Convert commands to lowercase before
      checking; add -b option for brief reporting; add -P option for
      checking case insensitive substrings; use -V option for version

    - 1.0.3; 2002 Oct 14.  Bugfix:  Regular expression dictionary had
      ambiguous cases which showed up in later versions of Python
      (punish commands not appearing properly).

    - 1.0.2; 2002 Oct 10.  Support for kick and secure kick messages;
      save csbuddy.state file as binary to improve performance.

    - 1.0.1; 2002 Aug 27.  Minor bugfix:  Normal say events were not
      being reported in the .chat log file.


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