Brackets in brackets, braces in braces 
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 Brackets in brackets, braces in braces

It is possible to use regular expressions to match nested brackets, if
you FIX the amount of nesting:

>>> pattern = re.compile("(\?[^?!]+(\?[^?!]+\!)*[^?!]+\!)")
>>> Line = "?AA?BB!CC!?DD!ee?EE!ff?FF?GG!HH!"
>>> print re.findall(pattern, Line)

[('?AA?BB!CC!', '?BB!'), ('?DD!', ''), ('?EE!', ''), ('?FF?GG!HH!',

In above I am searching strings limited by ?- and ! -characters.
Only one level of nesting is allowed.

The only problem I find is that re.findall() returns empty matches too.
Maybe in next version of SRE modified findall is introduced. ;)


PS. How about searching line = "??BB!CC!"   ? ;)

Tue, 07 Dec 2004 01:33:04 GMT  
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