nntplib.py converts message ID to lowercase 
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 nntplib.py converts message ID to lowercase


While writing a NNTP subject header search script I noticed the
following: the message ID as returned for example by nntlib.stat(),
nntplib.head() and nntplib.body() are converted to lowercase.
This makes it, for example, unsuitable to be used in a construction
like this:

        resp, count, first, last, name = server.group('alt.test')
        resp, num, id = server.stat(last)
        resp, num, id, lines = server.article(id)

When the article ID returned by 'server.stat(last)' contained uppercase
letters, the 'server.article(id)' call will fail.

The following function from nntplib.py is responsible:

        # Internal: parse the response of a STAT, NEXT or LAST command
        def statparse(self, resp):
                if resp[:2] <> '22':
                        raise error_reply, resp
                words = string.split(resp)
                nr = 0
                id = ''
                n = len(words)
                if n > 1:
                        nr = words[1]
                        if n > 2:
                                id = string.lower(words[2])
                return resp, nr, id

Does anybody have any idea why 'id = string.lower(words[2])' was added
to this function, does it have anything to do with the standard as
described in RFC 977 ? Or is the news server I'm using incorrect, and
should all message ID's only contain lowercase letters ?

I hope someone can help me with this.

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Sat, 04 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 nntplib.py converts message ID to lowercase

> described in RFC 977 ? Or is the news server I'm using incorrect, and
> should all message ID's only contain lowercase letters ?

Unless someone out there can provide a reason for doing this, this
looks like an nntplib bug.  RFC 850, "Standard for Interchange of
USENET Messages" says:

  In order to conform to RFC 822, the Message-ID must have the format

   where "full domain name" is the full name of the host at which the
  article entered the network, including a domain that host is in,
  and unique is any string of printing ASCII characters, not including

The source code for suck-3.4.1 does a case-sensitive compare of the
first portion of the message ID ("unique") and a case-insensitive
comparision of the domain name portion; that's specified by RFC822 for
email addresses.  So the string.lower() looks wrong; it could

        The group() method folds the group name parameter to
lower-case; perhaps someone drew a false parallel and did the same for
message IDs.

        Andrew Kuchling


Sat, 04 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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