What is the "best" network event framework for python? 
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 What is the "best" network event framework for python?


After looking at python during the holidays, I finaly decided to take
the big plunge and switch from perl to python :)

Unfortunately, my main task involves writing network
protocols/servers. To this extent, I used to use perl POE
(poe.perl.org), which I think is wonderfull. Perl POE is a framework
that will call methods in response to asynchronous events. Note that
in perl POE evey object can generate asynchronous events, not only

For example, I can tell perl POE to run a command line application and
trigger an event when that program either gets killed or if it sends
some text to stdout.

Is there an equivalent module in python? I know that as a last
resource I could live with the asyncore module, but it offers very
little functionality compared to perl POE (poe.perl.org), and it only
deals with sockets.

I saw twisted (www.tsiwtedmatrix.com) that looks like perl POE, but
since there is so little doc/examples I dont know if this is the most
widely used event framework for python.

What do the experts use?

Thanks in advance!
Daniel Shane

Sun, 20 Jun 2004 22:54:37 GMT  
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