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                             ***** CAN BE YOURS *****                              

 "Sales, it's a numbers game"

 You can now compete with the big boys, with exposure in MASSIVE
 NUMBERS, without expensive investments such as those associated with
 television commercials, radio advertising, direct postal mail, or

 THE SOLUTION - Direct E-mail Marketing

 We have developed and maintained a list of Active E-MAIL ADDRESSES in
 MILLIONS covering the internet. We gather the addresses from "hits" at
 certain targeted web sites, the internet and numerous reliable sources.
 The list is a compilation of general and targeted email addresses all
 sorted, categorized and combined by domain in sequential batches.
 The list is updated bi-weekly.

   "Quality before Quantity"


  There are vendors marketing 25, 40, 57, and 60 million lists.
  Most of those email addresses are random generated based on common
  email formats using random email generator softwares. This means
  they are made up and not harvested. This also means that they have
  a LOWER percentage of deliverability. Its nice to have a big list but
  if they're all junk ...... they're useless.

 We provide you with FULL TECH SUPPORT, basic SOFTWARE needed,
 MAXIMIZE your respone while EFFICIENTLY completing the task.

              11 million HIGH QUALITY LISTS

 Using our software wizards, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.
 Whether you're novice or advanced. All this available in....

        CD-ROM         OVERNIGHT or 2nd Day Delivery !!


 If your product or service is highly targeted to a specific market
 such as nationality, gender, age, hobby, occupation or anything,
 we can provide your company targeted lists. We use our very own
 advanced softwares to search for targeted and deliverable email


  POP3 / SMTP manager  - FULL VERSION
  List managers                - FULL VERSION
  Bulk Email Manual         - FULL VERSION
  De/Compressor              - FULL VERSION
  Server Simulator             - FULL VERSION
  Auto-Pinger                    - FULL VERSION
  Internet Guide                 - FULL VERSION
  Web Page Creator           - FULL VERSION
  Floodgate                       - DEMO VERSION
  Goldrush LE                   - DEMO VERSION

   ** 30 day telephone support included **


 Computer with Win3.x or Win95, 486+ CPU, 8mb RAM (win3.x)
 or 16mb RAM (win95), 20+mb HD space, 14.4+ modem,
 telephone line, and SLIP or PPP internet connection.

 PRICING - see form below

 TO ORDER --->> print order form below and fax or mail it



 FAX: 626-913-0478
 TEL: 626-839-2195

 ~^~^~^~^~^~  O R D E R   F O R M  ~^~^~^~^~^

Cust# (leave blank):

Name (User):


Phone #:
Fax #:

Email (MUST):

CREDIT CARDS : Address must match the card's billing address
CHECKS : Include street mailing address to be processed  

 ** Confirmation and shipping information sent via e-mail
 ** CD-ROM only

 __ Win 95/98/NT  __Win 3.x

 __ Email list (7 million = $139.95)
 __ Email list (11 million = $149.95)

 __ Email list: Targeted (Quantity: ___________ = $_________)

 ** PRICING: 4000 & up = $35 per 1000
 ** PRICING: 1000 - 3000 = $40 per 1000

 ** Targeted Keywords (use additional paper if needed):

 $___________ SUB - TOTAL
 $___________ CA residents sales tax (8.25%)
 $___________ Shipping & Handling

 ** Overnight Shipping : ( US=$17 / Canada,AK,HI=$27 )
 ** 2nd Day Shipping : ( US=$7 / Canada,AK,HI=$18 )
 ** Other countries : add $35 Reg Postal Mail

 $___________ GRAND TOTAL

Client (also known as User or user) understand and agree to the
following terms and conditions of this agreement. There are no written,
expressed or implied guarantee or prediction of any type of profit,
gain or results from these Email list (also known as products). All
products sales are final, non-exchangeable and there are no refund.
User assumes all risks and liabilites regarding the use, misuse,
inability to use or results of the use of products. There are no
warranties written, expressed or implied. User authorize a charge to
the credit card provided, if applicable as indicated herein. I, the
User, have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions
contained herein.

User Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________

Credit Card:  __Visa   __Mastercard   __Amex   __Discover

Card Number:
Name on Card:

  All figures, percentages and response rates are for example
  purposes only. The actual figures, percentages and response
  rates may vary. The individual or group may earn less or more
  than the examples provided in this adverti{*filter*}t.


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