The PythonWin debugger hangs! 
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 The PythonWin debugger hangs!

Hi there Python-practitioners,

   I'm new to Python, and it looks great, but unfortunately I've gotten
stuck trying to use the PythonWin de{*filter*} (build 128 of PythonWin).  I've
written a simple TCP/IP python program, here's the source:

from SocketServer import BaseRequestHandler, StreamRequestHandler, TCPServer

class MyRequestHandler(StreamRequestHandler, BaseRequestHandler):
    def handle(self):
        self.wfile.write("Hello world!\n")

server_address = ('', 8001)
my_server = TCPServer(server_address, MyRequestHandler)

   Initially I was having some problems with it (I realised right after I
started writing this message that I had the two base classes in the wrong
order) and so I was trying to debug it.  But the problem is that whenever I
tried stepping through, at some point during the handling of the new
connection, the de{*filter*} would stop responding to input.  It didn't actually
freeze, but if I clicked anywhere in the de{*filter*}, it just beeped, and it
seemed to ignore most (but not all) keypresses.  It was almost as if there
was a modal dialog being displayed (only there wasn't one!).  Even weirder
is that when I used Alt-Tab to switch applications, PythonWin was no longer
in the list of applications!  Of course I have now found my bug, but this
debugging problem hasn't gone away.

   Anyone know what is going on here?  The PythonWin de{*filter*} otherwise
looks pretty good!  I've had this problem with both Win98 and Win2000.  All
I have to do is set a breakpoint on the "self.wfile.write(...)" line and
when the code reaches there, press F10, and then it's toast...


Fri, 06 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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