Bottom-up evaluation, various optimizations 
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 Bottom-up evaluation, various optimizations

Some time ago, I posted a message about bottom-up evaluation
of logic programs, and various optimizations that tried
to improve performance on programs with aggregate operations etc.

I offered to send references to people who couldn't find the papers
I mentioned.  Several people expressed interest, and so I decided
to make the papers available by anonymous ftp.  (If you sent
me mail, and I haven't yet responded, please accept my apologies.
If you are unable to get the papers you want by ftp, please
let me know and I will mail you copies.)

The files are stored in compressed postscript format on
To get them, start an anonymous ftp session to,
give the user name as anonymous, and when asked for a password,
just type in your login id (or address).  You should read the
README file to get more details on how to transfer files and to
see abstracts of the papers that are available for ftp.

Raghu Ramakrishnan

Mon, 02 May 1994 06:12:56 GMT  
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