CLP(R) Version 1.1 
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 CLP(R) Version 1.1

CLP(R) Version 1.1

We wish to announce the release of a new version of IBM's prototype
implementation of CLP(R).  This system is available for academic and
research purposes only, and is provided free of charge.  The source
code contains a disclaimer and user agreement.  It is being distributed
to help widen the use of constraint programming, and to solicit
feedback on the system.  Requests for the (preferably electronic
delivery of the) system should be sent to:

     Joxan Jaffar, H1-D48
     IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
     P.O. Box 704
     Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

CLP(R) is a constraint logic programming language with real-arithmetic
constraints.  The implementation contains a built-in constraint solver
which deals with linear arithmetic and contains a mechanism for delaying
nonlinear constraints until they become linear.  Since CLP(R) subsumes
PROLOG, the system is also usable as a general-purpose logic programming
language.  One main advance of version 1.1 over the previous version 1.0
is the inclusion of powerful facilities for meta-programming with
constraints.  Significant CLP(R) applications have been published in
diverse areas such as molecular biology, finance, physical modelling, etc.

The system, consisting of a compiler, byte-code emulator and constraint
solver, is written entirely in C.  It has been known to run on a number
of machines: Suns, Vaxen, MIPS-based machines (Decstations, Silicon
Graphics), IBM RS6000s and PS2s, using a number of UNIX[tm]-based
operating systems: AIX, System 5, BSD, Mach and SunOS.

* UNIX is a trade-mark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Wed, 27 Apr 1994 03:06:50 GMT  
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