Final CFPs DDLP99: Deductive Databases and Logic Programming 
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 Final CFPs DDLP99: Deductive Databases and Logic Programming

                           Call For Papers

                   7th International Workshop on

        Deductive Databases and Logic Programming - DDLP'99

                          Workshop of the

    International Conference on Applications of Prolog - INAP'99

                 Tokyo, Japan, September 3-5, 1999


Important Dates

      Submission deadline:        June 30, 1999
      Notification of acceptance: July 18, 1999
      Camera ready version:       August 10, 1999
      Workshop:                   September 3-5, 1999

(sites contain postscript and html versions of this call for papers)

  Berlin    - GMD-FIRST Berlin, Germany
                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~geske/ddlp_99.html

  Worcester - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
                http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ruiz/DDLP99/

  Wrzburg  - University of Wrzburg, Germany


  The integration of logic and deduction into databases and
  knowledge bases has created the field of deductive databases.
  Deductive databases can be used for building intelligent
  information systems. Logic programming provides a powerful
  declarative language for accessing and maintaining knowledge in
  databases. In addition, techniques from automated deduction and
  deductive databases are useful for achieving efficient retrieval
  and reasoning in large knowledge bases.
  Recent results in logic programming, constraint logic programming,
  program transformation and optimization, and non-monotonic
  reasoning are useful for extending the expressive power and the
  computational efficiency of deductive database systems. With the
  goal of creating opportunities for active discussions on new
  research directions and the exchange of latest results in the
  above areas, we are organizing a one day workshop, with
  presentations of half an hour. This will be the seventh in a
  series of DDLP workshops.

Topics of Interest

  Suggested topics for submissions include, but are not limited to:

   * disjunctive deductive databases, uncertain knowledge
   * non-monotonic semantics
   * query languages and query optimization
   * heterogeneous knowledge bases
   * semi-structured information, querying the Web
   * data mining, inductive logic programming
   * program transformations
   * constraint databases
   * spatial and temp{*filter*}deductive databases
   * database updates
   * object-oriented and active databases


  The primary focus is on new and original research. But we also
  encourage the submission of papers describing products, prototypes
  in development or benchmarks.
  Full papers or extended abstracts in English of 6 to 10 pages are
  welcome. Authors are invited to send their papers to one of the
  organizers by June 30, 1999. Submission in{*filter*}format (please
  use the predefined format to be found at the DDLP'99 web pages) by
  e-mail is encouraged.

Program Committee

      Dmitri Boulanger (Keldesh Institute, Moscow, Russia)
      Ulrich Geske     (GMD-First Berlin, Germany)
      Fosca Giannotti  (CNUCE-CNR Pisa, Italy)
      Parke Godfrey    (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
      Jarek Gryz       (York Univ., Toronto, Canada)
      Jack Minker      (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
      Carolina Ruiz    (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
      Chiaki Sakama    (Wakayama Univ., Japan)
      Dietmar Seipel   (Univ. Wrzburg, Germany)

Organizing Committee

     Ulrich Geske:
     GMD-FIRST Berlin
     Rudower Chaussee 5, D - 12489 Berlin, Germany

     Carolina Ruiz:
     Worcester Polytechnic Institute
     Department of Computer Science
     Worcester, MA, 01609, USA

     Dietmar Seipel:
     University of Wrzburg
     Department of Computer Science
     Am Hubland, D - 97074 Wrzburg, Germany




Assistant Professor               Web= http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ruiz
Dept. of Computer Science         Phone: (508) 831-5640
Worcester Polytechnic Institute   Fax:   (508) 831-5776
Worcester, MA  01609 USA          Office: FL232

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