ICLP'93 WORKSHOP: Concurrent, Distributed and Parallel Implementations of Logic Programming Systems 
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 ICLP'93 WORKSHOP: Concurrent, Distributed and Parallel Implementations of Logic Programming Systems

                           Call For Papers
                  ICLP'93 Postconference Workshop on

         Concurrent, Distributed and Parallel Implementations
                      Logic Programming Systems

                            June 25, 1993
                          Budapest, Hungary

The main aim of the workshop  is to bring together researchers working
on different approaches to  the  implementation of logic languages  on
concurrent/distributed/parallel  architectures, since  the integration
of  the   expressive   power of  declarative   systems  such  as logic
programming  languages  with   the computational  power   of massively
parallel computers  it today one of  the major challenges of  computer
science research.  Recently, many  models  and architectures   for the
parallel  execution  of    logic programs   have  been  proposed   and
implemented.   In  particular, in  these last   two  years some actual
implementations have  been presented. This  workshop can be a fruitful
place    where   people   working   on concurrent/distributed/parallel
implementation of  logic   programming  systems can  meet and  discuss
technical issues in an informal atmosphere.

Topics of particular interest are:
- AND and OR Parallelism
- Concurrent  logic languages implementations
- Data parallelism in logic programming
- Shared and distributed memory management
- Compile-time techniques
- Parallelism  granularity
- Experiences on actual parallel implementation
- Scheduling and load balancing techniques
- Performance analysis

Authors interested in presenting their work are invited to send, a 3-5
page abstract or, preferably, a full paper, possibly  according to the
below specified format, before April 1st. Acceptance/rejection will be
notified by May 1st.  People interested in  attending the workshop are
welcome too. They are  kindly requested to send  their postal and  (if
available)   electronic   address    as      soon as    possible    to

Format  of  submission: Workshop organizers  thinks   that it would be
great to have workshop proceedings electronically available before the
starting  of  the  conference.   Therefore electronic  submission   is
strongly encouraged. Furthermore    if author used a    standard{*filter*}
format  with postscript figures imported with  psfig,  we could easily
organize  a single  (well   shaped) document.  Anyway,   any format of
electronic  submission  is accepted   (postscript, plain  ascii,  TeX,
LaTeX,  nroff, troff).    Electronic submissions should   be  sent to:

submit their work through regular hard mail sending to Giancarlo Succi
at the address given below three copies of their manuscript.

Workshop Organizers:
Giancarlo Succi & Giancarlo Colla
DIST - Universita` di Genova
via Opera Pia 11a, I-16145 Genova, Italia
tel: +39 (0)10 353 2747 -  fax: +39 (0)10 353 2948

Important dates:}
Deadline for submission of papers: April 1st
Notification for acceptance/rejection: May 1st

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