JICSLP '92 - Workshop Call for Papers 
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 JICSLP '92 - Workshop Call for Papers

                      CALL FOR PAPERS

                         JICSLP '92

                     Joint Workshop on

     Distributed and Parallel Implementations of Logic
                    Programming Systems
                      Washington, D.C.
                    November 13-14, 1992

The joint workshop has two main tracks:
   Workshop A : Distributed Implementations
                Organizers: Peter Kacsuk (KFKI-MSZKI, Hungary),
                            Michael Wise (Sydney Univ., Australia).
   Workshop B : Concurrency and  Parallelism
                Organizers: Domenico Talia (CRAI- Italy)
                            Giancarlo Succi (Unv. of Genova, Italy)
   Co-ordinating Organizer: Doug Degroot (TI, USA)

Workshop A : Distributed Implementations

Recently distributed  memory multicomputers (like Intel's
Hypercube or  Transputer systems)  have become  more  and
more popular  since they have much better scalability and
locality  than  shared  memory  multiprocessors.  However
their programming seems to be more difficult than that of
the shared  memory systems.  Efficient implementation  of
logic  programming  languages  on  these  machines  would
significantly augment the reputation of logic programming
in the  parallel processing  community and would probably
initiate large  application projects of logic programming
on these machines.

The workshop  aims at  exchanging ideas  of  implementing
logic  programs   on  distributed  memory  multicomputers
including  topics   like  distributed   Prolog   abstract
machines,  distributed   memory  management,  distributed
scheduling, distributed  unification, distributed garbage
collection, distributed/parallel logic languages. Also of
interest is  the interaction  of the  techniques used  in
distributed Prolog  implementations with   those used  in
distributed computation generally.

Workshop B : Concurrency and  Parallelism

The integration  of  the  expressive  power  of  declarative
systems  such   as  logic  programming  languages  with  the
computational power of massively parallel computers is today
one of  the major  challenges of  computer science research.
Recently, many  models and  architectures for  the  parallel
execution  of   logic  programs    have  been  proposed  and
implemented,  yet   broadly  successful   solutions   remain

The goal of this workshop is to provide a fruitful place
where people working on  parallel implementations of
logic programming systems can meet and discuss technical
issues in an informal atmosphere. This scope of workshop
B is somewhat broader than workshop A in that it will not
restrict itself to considering distributed memory multi-

The workshop will focus (but not limited to) on implementation
techniques of logic programming systems on parallel computers. Papers which
demonstrate significant performance improvement are of special interest.
Topics of particular interest are:

     - Scheduling and load balancing techniques
     - Throttling and speculative parallelism
     - Side effect management
     - Performance analysis
     - Experiences on actual parallel implementations

      Doug DeGroot
      Texas Instr.
      6550 Chase Oaks Blvd.
      MS 8435
      Dallas, Texas 75023
      Tel: (214) 575-3763
      Fax: (214) 575-5974

Three copies of an extended abstract of 3-10 pages should be
sent to  Doug DeGroot.  Email  submissions  are  acceptable.
Please, indicate which track the paper is submitted to.

A joint informal proceedings  containing the accepted papers
will be  compiled and  will be  distributed to  all workshop

Abstracts due:         September 7th, 1992
Notification sent:    October 1st, 1992
Workshop date:         November 13th, 1992

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