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 XWIP 0.6

XWIP version 0.6 has been released. Some of you may be running the
interim 0.5A release. This release supersedes that one with some minor
enhancements. Its available via anonymous FTP.

place:          export.lcs.mit.edu:contrib/xwip-0.6.tar.Z
UNIX sum:       02391   360

This version updates XWIP for MIT X11 R5. However, there is no support
for the R5 Xcms or R5 Style Internationalization. There are some new
predicates to give some toolkit style X resource support. (XWIP
clients can now be good citizens in the X world.)

For those that don't know, XWIP stands for "X Window Interface for
Prolog". It is a package for Prologs following the Quintus foreign
function interface (such as SICStus). It provides a (low-level) Xlib
style interface to X. The current version was developed and tested on
SICStus 0.7 and MIT X11 R5 under SunOS 4.1.1. It is adaptable to many
other UNIX configurations. Of course, legally speaking there are no

I am sorry, that it took so much prodding to get me to act for
basically a fixup release. Unfortunately, I am not able to devote much
time to XWIP, especially to the much needed toolkit.

As always, questions, comments, bug reports, new features,
improvements, can be directed to:


        Ted Kim


UCLA Computer Science Department  UUCP:     ...!{uunet|ucbvax}!cs.ucla.edu!tek
3680A Boelter Hall                Phone:    (310) 825-8524
Los Angeles, CA 90024             FAX:      (310) 825-2273

Mon, 14 Aug 1995 08:19:43 GMT  
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