Course Announcement: HPSG Grammars and Typed Feature Formalisms 
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 Course Announcement: HPSG Grammars and Typed Feature Formalisms

                           COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT

                 HPSG Grammars and Typed Feature Formalisms

                     Advanced, hands-on course taught by
                  The Edinburgh University Language Technology Group

                           December 11-14, 1995

This course will provide practical and theoretical experience for people
wish- ing to learn about today's state-of-the-art grammar writing
technology. At the end of the course, participants will be able to write
sign-based grammars using leading-edge language engineering tools.  This
is a hands-on course: each participant will have access to substantial
computing facilities throughout the course, and assisted practical
exercises are integrated into the course structure.


Modern constraint-based grammars are the next logical step for people
familiar either with Prolog or unification-based formalisms such as
Generalised Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG). A recent constraint-based
approach is Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) [Pollard and Sag,
1994].  HPSG has taken the computational linguistics community by storm
and is the driving force in research into grammars that can be readily
integrated into practical application systems.


This intensive, lab-based course will bring you up-to-date with the above
developments, providing you with:

    - An introduction to today's state-of-the-art typed feature
      formalisms, especially ALE (Attribute Logic Engine) and
      CUF (Comprehensive Unfication Formalism).

      Both ALE from Carnegie-Mellon University and CUF from the
      University of Stuttgart provide a typed unification-based engine
      for developing, testing and debugging constraint-based grammars
      such as HPSG grammars.

    - An introduction to HPSG based on Chapter 9 of [Pollard and Sag,1994],
      which contains the most recent advancements of the theory.

    - An in-depth guide to programming in typed feature formalisms.

    - A detailed look at what is involved in developing complex grammars for
      particular domains.

 Participants in the course will:

    - Learn about HPSG.

    - Use the latest tools and technology for developing HPSG grammars.

    - Acquire skills in designing and debugging grammars.


 The course is 4 days long and is next scheduled for December 11-14 1995.
 Due to the hands-on nature of the course, there is a limit to class numbers.
 Early registration is advisable.

 Teaching Staff

 The classes are taught by staff of Edinburgh's Language Technology Group:

 Suresh Manandhar (PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University) has
 conducted research both in the logical foundations of constraint
 formalisms and on their implementations.

 Claire Grover (PhD in Linguistics, Essex University) has been
 extensively involved in developing large grammars using constraint

 Chris Brew (PhD in Experimental Psychology, Sussex University) has
 conducted research in several areas including constraint-based
 formalisms, systemic grammars and statistical methods.

 Henry Thompson (PhD in Linguistics, University of California) is reader
 at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University and
 has been involved in research in computational linguistics,
 data-intensive linguistics, language corpora and corpus management.


 The classes will be taught at the Human Commmunication Research Centre in


 The fee for the course is 650 pounds (industrial), 550 pounds (academic) and
 250 pounds (student). Please contact:

for registration details:                              for course details:
Heike Stoldt (Course Administration)          Suresh Manandhar (Course
Human Communication Research Centre       Human Communication Research Centre
University of Edinburgh                               University of Edinburgh
2 Buccleuch Place                                        2 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LW                                       Edinburgh EH8 9LW
Tel: +44 131 650 4427                                Tel: +44 131 650 4631
Fax: +44 131 650 4587                                Fax: +44 131 650 4587

Heike Stoldt
HCRC, University of Edinburgh
+44 131 650 4629

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