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 Goedel workshop

              Workshop on Programming in Goedel

         University of Manchester, 14-15 April, 1994

                 Second Call for Participation

Goedel is a new declarative, general-purpose programming language
in the family of logic programming languages. It is a strongly
typed language, the type system being based on many-sorted logic
with parametric polymorphism. It also has a module system.
Goedel supports infinite precision integers, infinite precision
rationals, and also floating point numbers. It can solve constraints
over finite domains of integers and also linear rational constraints.
It supports processing of finite sets. It also has a flexible
computation rule and pruning operator which generalises the commit
of concurrent logic programming languages. Considerable emphasis is
placed on Goedel's meta-logical facilities which provide significant
support for meta-programs that do analysis, transformation,
compilation, verification, debugging, and so on.

Goedel should be of interest to researchers in program development,
parallel language implementation, and the theory of logic programming,
as well as teachers of logic programming.

The workshop at Manchester is sponsored by ESPRIT Network of Excellence
COMPULOG NET and ALP UK. It will be run by the team that developed Goedel,
consisting of John Lloyd, Pat Hill, Antony Bowers, Jiwei Wang, and Corin Curr.
The workshop will mainly consist of talks describing the Goedel language and
its implementation together with programming practice sessions. In addition,
some of the participants with experience of using Goedel in teaching or in
developing applications programs in Goedel will describe their work.

Draft Programme

Thursday 14th April

0900  Introduction            John Lloyd (Bristol University)
0930  Language features       Pat Hill (Leeds University)
1030  Coffee
1100  System modules          John Lloyd
1130  Programming style       Antony Bowers (Bristol University)
1215  Using `Bristol' Goedel  Jiwei Wang (Bristol University)
1230  Lunch
1400  Programming practice
1700  Discussion and review
1800  Close

Friday 15th April

0900  Goedel for teaching     John Lloyd
0915  Semantics               Pat Hill
0930  Implementation          Jiwei Wang
1000  Meta-programming        Antony Bowers
1030  Coffee
1100  Partial evaluation      Corin Gurr (Edinburgh University)
1200  Applications of Goedel  (Speaker(s) to be organised)
1245  Lunch
1400  Programming practice
1600  Discussion and review
1700  Close

Places will be limited, so early booking is strongly recommended,
especially if you require accommodation.

There are direct flights to Manchester International Airport from
most international airports.

For further information, please contact:

                   Kung-Kiu Lau
                   Dept of Computer Science
                   University of Manchester
                   Manchester M13 9PL

                   Tel: +44 61 275 5716
                   Fax: +44 61 275 6236


The registration fee is

Students        40 pounds
                50 pounds  (ALP members)
                75 pounds  (non-ALP member)

The registration fee includes all computing and printing costs, lunches,
and coffees during the workshop.


Accommodation will be at Dalton-Ellis Hall, close to the University.

Bed and breakfast    17.00 pounds per day
Evening meal          8.50 pounds each

Accommodation and meals must be booked when registering.


Both the University of Manchester and Dalton-Ellis Hall can be easily and
quickly reached from Manchester International Airport and Manchester
Piccadilly railway station.

Registration Form
Please tick appropriate boxes.

Email address:

 Registration Fee: [] non-ALP member (  75.00 pounds)
                   [] ALP member     (  50.00 pounds)
                   [] student        (  40.00 pounds)
 [] Evening meal      on 13 April    (   8.50 pounds)
 [] Bed and breakfast on 13 April    (  17.00 pounds)
 [] Evening meal      on 14 April    (   8.50 pounds)
 [] Bed and breakfast on 14 April    (  17.00 pounds)
 [] Evening meal      on 15 April    (   8.50 pounds)
 [] Bed and breakfast on 15 April    (  17.00 pounds)
 [] Evening meal      on 16 April    (   8.50 pounds)
 [] Bed and breakfast on 16 April    (  17.00 pounds)
Total                                (        pounds)

I enclose a cheque for this amount made payable to the University of

Please return the registration form to:

                Lynn Howarth,
                  GOEDEL 94,
           Dept. of Computer Science,
            University of Manchester,
               Manchester M13 9PL,

          Telephone: +44 61 275 6154
                Fax: +44 61 275 6236

before 31 March 1994. Early booking is recommended owing to the limited
number of places available.

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