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>>I have a very compact shareware Prolog compiler for DOS. (The size of
>>the exe-file as well as the memory requirements are minimal.)
>>Unfortunately, it is in Russian (and has some errors). If it is needed
>>for your, I can try to translate it. It will take about a week.

>Please tell me more about your implementation of Prolog.

The implementation is named Flang/Prolog. The compiler is created
in due implementing Flang language. Some information can be found
in the papers:
   1. Mantsivoda A., Petukhin V., Compiling Flang. Proc. 2nd Russian
Conference on Logic Programming (RCLP), St.Petersburg, number 592
in LNCS, pp 286-293, Springer-Verlag, 1992.
   2. Mantsivoda A., Petukhin V. Compiling Flang. Proc. 4th International
Conference on Compiler Construction, Padeborn 1992, number 641 in LNCS, pp.
297-311, Springer-Verlag, 1992.

The compiler implements an original version of Flang does not contains
means for constraint satisfaction over finite domains. The compiler
allows us to write Prolog programs. The Prolog implementation
is similar to standard one. The most essential differences are:
1. Predicate call is absent (therefore assert, retract, clause too).
2. The system reaction in the case of an inappropriate argument type for
built-in predicates is the type error instead of failure.

The compiler was elaborated with the claim of the maximum economy and
efficiency. The significant part of the compiler is global analysis of
the program. It is obvious in a some moment, the technic of implementation
became cumbersome and leads to errors. Therefore an improvement of the
compiler is difficult. The compiler works right for simple programs,
but the limitations for the source program size is strict enough and,
moreover, the compiler has surely some errors. I finish work on the compiler
about two years ago and I do not intend to improve THIS compiler (except
ease error correction). The compiler is implemented as a shell containing
also the small editor and de{*filter*}.

We will have the online connection to Internet till the month and
Flang/Prolog compiler will be accessible from Internet.

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Petukhin
Irkutsk University

Mon, 06 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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