WAM queries 
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 WAM queries

I need a clarification on the following put instruction please.
I shall use D.H.Warren's notation from his paper An Abstract Prolog
Instruction Set.
put_variable Xn|Yn,Ai :
        For Yn the paper lists the following assignment:
        Ai := Yn := ref_to(Yn)
        For Xn it lists the following:
        Ai := Xn := next_term(H) := tag_ref(H)

Question 1: For the Yn case, ref_to(Yn) puts in Ai a tagged reference or just
            the address of Yn without tag?
Question 2: For the Xn case, Ai, and Xn get the current heap pointer converted
            to a tagged reference, or its raw value? Which is executed first?
            next_term or tag_ref. Compare this with the description of
            put_structure where it is stated the following:
            Ai := tag_struct(H)
            next_term(H) := F (the functor)

I shall appreciate any kind of information. Thanks in advance,

Vassilios E. Axaris
SUNY Buffalo Computer Engineering.

Tue, 28 Jul 1992 00:23:44 GMT  
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