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 Visiting Scientist Position in Logic Programming ...

Please bring following to the attention those who might be interested:

Visiting Scientist Position in Logic Programming

Applications are invited for the position of Visiting Scientist in the
Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada.

The successful applicant will be expert in the area of logic programming
and will work in practical applications of constraint logic programming.
The position will suit a recent PhD, but is not restricted to such a
person. Those without a PhD degree, but with expertise in constraint logic
programmming, will also be considered. Salary will be in accordance with
experience and qualifications.  The position, if filled, will be funded by
a grant to a research project directed by M.H. van Emden. The maximum
duration of the grant is four years. The granting agency will conduct a
major review after two years.

The Department has eigh{*filter*} full-time faculty.  It offers graduate and
undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and is an active centre of
research in logic programming.  In addition, the department does research
in functional programming, compilers, software engineering, software
development environments, distributed computing, combinatorial algorithms,
theory of computation, VLSI design and test, and numerical methods.

The computing facilities for teaching and research consist of Sun 3/260 and
3/280 systems, a Sun SPARCserver 370, over thirty Sun workstations,
microcomputer laboratories with a variety of small systems, as well as the
University IBM 3090/VPF system.  A local area network provides access to
these facilities, while BC-Net provides a dedicated high-capacity datalink
connecting UVic to the other universities and research institutions in the
Province. An AppleTalk network is in place within the Department.  Internet
access is also available.

Victoria is close to other centres of logic programming, constraint
processing, and Artificial Intelligence: the University of British Columbia
in Vancouver, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, and the University of
Washington in Seattle.

The city of Victoria, situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, has
a population of about 250,000. It enjoys one of the most beautiful
environments in North America.  The climate is characterized by cool, sunny
summers and mild winters. Victoria is well-endowed with cultural
activities, including theatre, symphony, and chamber music.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and the names of at least one
referee to:

          M.H. van Emden
          Department of Computer Science
          University of Victoria
          Victoria, B.C., Canada  V8W 2Y2

Applications will be considered until February 28, 1990. In accordance with
Canadian Immigration Regulations, priority will be given to Canadian
citizens and permanent residents.

Further information is available by contacting M.H. van Emden.


        Telephone: (604) 721-7225
        Fax: (604) 721-7292     Telex: 049-7222

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