Need help in Tree building routine - Problem stated clearly 
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 Need help in Tree building routine - Problem stated clearly

I posted a question on tree building in Prolog a couple of days
back and I got replies saying that I did not convey the problem
clearly. First my apologies for the mistake. Here is the problem

I want to construct a Prolog structure (possibly a list of list),
and each element in the structure called "nodes" can be
connected to other nodes in the following way:

                one to one
                one to many
                many to one

To begin with I have the following facts asserted in the Prolog

        linked(a, b).         a     z
        linked(a, c).        / \   /
        linked(b, d).       /   \ /
        linked(d, e).      b     c
        linked(c, e).      |     /
        linked(e, f).      d    /
        linked(e, g).       \  /
        linked(e, h).         e
        linked(z, c).        /|\
                            / | \
                            f g  h

The structure I want to construct should also include information
such as the nodes that could be processed in parallel and
minimize repetition of nodes. For the above example I want
something like this:

        ( ((a||z),c)            % I don't see a way to avoid
        ||                      % duplicating node "a"

I have a version of this but it is clumsy because I don't have a
good notation (or operator) for representing parallel and
sequential processing. Any suggestions are welcome.


-- ravi

Fri, 31 Jul 1992 22:47:02 GMT  
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