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As an experiment, I would like to offer a service for this year.
If you have questions about (Edinburgh-compatible) Prolog, send them
to me at

I would appreciate it if the subject line of your mail said
"Ask Dr Strabismus".

I'm not really equipped to answer questions about specific dialects
other than Quintus Prolog, LPA Prolog, LPA Mac Prolog, and perhaps one
or two others.  Nor am I the person to ask about availability of Prolog
for this machine or that, or about graphics or data base interfaces.
I'm offering help with questions about Prolog-the-language and how to
use it in general.

I mean to save all the questions I get and the replies I send, and will
provide E-mail copies of them to _any_ Prolog vendor who asks unless you
specifically ask me to keep your questions private.

The point of this is to try to find out what people need to be told about
Prolog.  I hope that the collection may be useful to Prolog vendors and
textbook writers.

[Why "Dr Strabismus"?  Ask a "World of Beachcomber" fan to elucidate.]

Tue, 28 Jul 1992 18:23:09 GMT  
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