ICLP'91 Workshop on Constraint Logic Programming 
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 ICLP'91 Workshop on Constraint Logic Programming

ICLP'91 Preconference Workshop on Constraint Logic Programming

The workshop is devoted to the theory, design, implementation, and
application of (concurrent) constraint logic programming (CLP) languages.
Its aim is to review and compare existing work and to identify promising
future directions. Topics include, but are not limited to,
_ foundations of CLP
_ design and implementation of CLP languages
_ constraint-solving techniques and algorithms
_ applications of CLP languages
_ analysis of CLP languages
_ incrementality in CLP languages
_ relationships with other models (Andorra, TMS, Grammars)

ICLP'91 will be held in Paris (France) from June 24 to June 28.
Preconference workshops will held on June 24 at INRIA in the
suburbs of Paris, near Versailles.  If you are interested in
participating, please submit an extended abstract or a
draft full paper before May 15, 1991 to

Pascal Van Hentenryck
Brown University
Box 1910
Providence, RI 02912

Sun, 26 Sep 1993 21:49:54 GMT  
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