(free) Prolog interpreter/compiler with sources needed 
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 (free) Prolog interpreter/compiler with sources needed

I wish to do some research experiments exploring type systems for Prolog
and I need a relatively small Prolog implementation to work with.  I don't
want a toy system written in an applicative language (or applicative style)
or a serious system (such as Nu_Prolog).  I need a system written in
the same style as serious Prolog interpreters or compilers (prefered), yet
of tractable complexity.  I also need source code preferably in C or some
similar imperative language.

I will not be using the resulting system for any commercial purpose so a
restricted distribution license is quite acceptable.  I should be able to
afford any nominal charge (i.e. to cover distribution costs).  

If anyone has any such system or pointers on where one can be found please
advise me by email.  Credit for the system will of course be acknowledged
if anything publishable emerges out of this work.  If you are also interested
in obtaining such a system please advise me by email and I will respond
personally or to this news group if there is enough interest.

     Alan Finlay

Sun, 02 Aug 1992 09:47:43 GMT  
 (free) Prolog interpreter/compiler with sources needed
I don't know what you mean by "tractible" but I can provide the source code
to Fuzzy Prolog, which is an operational (but not production quality)
Prolog interpreter implementing uncertainly.  It is approximately 5500
lines of Ada, so it's not a toy but may be larger than you're looking
for.  Of course, a lot of the length is the lexical analyzer and parser,
and the interpreter core is probably around 1500 lines.


Mon, 03 Aug 1992 01:16:10 GMT  
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