Info on Intro Course Requirement At Your Institutions 
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 Info on Intro Course Requirement At Your Institutions

ng course, is
required only for business and computer science majors.  Many of
our students are graduating from our institution without ever
taking a computer course.  I would like to know if your institution
requires students to take a similar course or if it is an option.
Do you know what is the trend the United States and institutions
around the world.

Do you have an introductory computing course required at your

Do you happen to have a survey which relays to this material?

Any information relating to this subject will be appreciated.

          Usenet, UUCP: uunet!huracan!clam

Thanks, sincerely,

Dr. Carlos F. Lam             Phone (507) 52-3304
Panama C{*filter*}College
PSC #02 Box 3268
APO AA 34002

Fri, 29 Apr 1994 17:01:21 GMT  
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