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 expression simplification

I have recently been working on a project in LISP and started venturing into
prolog on my own.  I have done a similar project in LISP but can't figure out
how to do this in prolog.  Can someone please help?

I need a function that will simplify additive expressions.  I would like it
to return the letters in the expression first and then any numbers.

Lets call it SIM.  For example:

?- SIM(1 + 1 + a,E).

?- SIM(1 + a + 4 + 2 + b + c,E).

?- SIM(3 + x + x + 2,E).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Please resplond via Email to:


Mon, 09 May 1994 06:22:53 GMT  
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