ALPUK92: 2nd CFP 
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 ALPUK92: 2nd CFP

                           1992 CONFERENCE
                      City University, London
                       30th March - 1st April

                        2ND CALL FOR PAPERS

The 1992 conference of the UK branch of the Association for Logic
Programming will feature tutorials, invited talks and presented papers.
Papers are invited on any aspect of logic programming.

Papers should be a maximum of 6000 words long and printed in a
12-point font on A4 paper. Three copies in final form should be
received by the Programme Chair, Krysia Broda, by the 3rd January
1992. Authors will be notified of acceptance by the 12th February.
The Proceedings of the conference are expected to be published by
Springer-Verlag. ALPUK92 will be followed by the Practical
Applications of Prolog Conference, 1st-3rd April.

Conference sponsors:
Logic Programming Associates:           Exhibition
Artificial Intelligence International:  #100 Best Paper prize
Integral Solutions:                     Reception

Invited speakers:
    William Clocksin      Cambridge
    Wilfred Hodges        Queen Mary and Westfield (QMW)
    Catuscia Palamidessi  Pisa/CWI
    Barry Richards        Imperial College
    Marek Sergot          Imperial College
    Lincoln Wallen        Oxford

  Concurrent Logic Programming
    Martin Gittins        Strand Software Technologies
  Programming in Goedel
    Tony Bowers           Bristol
    Pat Hill              Leeds

Conference Committee:
    Reem Bahgat           City University      (Local Organiser)
    Krysia Broda          Imperial College     (Programme Chair)
    Daniel Cohen          QMW                  (Publicity)
    David Gilbert         City University      (Secretary/Treasurer)
    Karen Osborne         Integral Solutions   (Exhibition)
    Graem Ringwood        QMW                  (Conference Chair)
    Tony Solomonides      Poly. of N. London   (Liaison)
    Tim Duncan            AIAI, Edinburgh      (Previous Chair)

Papers to:
    Krysia Broda                        Tel: +44 71 589 5111 x7507
    Department of Computing             Fax: +44 71 589 1552

    180 Queen's Gate
    London SW7 2BZ

Conference Office:
    Maxine Wortley                      Tel: +44 71 253 4399 x3701
    Department of Computer Science      Fax: +44 71 250 0837

    Northampton Square
    London EC1V 0HB

Daniel Cohen              Department of Computer Science

Tel: +44 71 975 5245/4/9  Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK
Fax: +44 81 980 6533      *** Glory, Glory, Hallelujah ***

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