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(This may not be the right place for SEPIA problems; if so, a pointer TO the
right place would be a perfect answer).

First a bit of context: I'm trying to contort SEPIA metaterms not to represent
constraints, but in an algebraic manipulation context to keep track of which
variables may be unified with which. I now discover I need to delay some
related predicates depending on the form of the term that the metaterm is bound
to, ie I would LIKE to be able to write a delay like:
        delay par_count(V1 * _,_) if meta_term(V1,vvar(_)).
        (where V1 will actually be bound to either mvar(_) or vvar(_))
Of course, this is syntactically invalid in SEPIA, but it's the effect I'm
looking for. But given that metaterms are themselves built on top of the
delaying mechanism, there's at least some chance that with the right magic,
the effect can be achieved. Unfortunately, the only metaterm documentation I
have been able to find is a 4-page prolog level summary; Can anyone help, with
either ideas or pointers to lower level documentation of the metaterm
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Tue, 07 Jun 1994 13:08:53 GMT  
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