i don't understand 
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 i don't understand

        Hi ..

        I'm a user of Sicstus Prolog. I tried to do something like
        this :-

        The interpreter gives me this error message :

        PERMISSION ERROR: retract(user:drink(coke)) - cannot
        change static user:drink/1.

        Where did i go wrong ?

        Tan Poh Keam,
        DISCS, NUS

Sun, 04 Feb 1996 16:07:06 GMT  
 i don't understand

Second: Only dynamic predicates can be retracted in SICStus.  To make
a predicate dynamic you can either (1) assert a non existing predicate
or (2) declare the predicate as dynamic.  In your case I assume that
the loaded/compiled file should look something like this:

    :- dynamic drink/1.

Then you can compile it or load it with:

    ?- compile(file).  OR   ?- [file].

And retract the fact with:

    ?- retract(drink(coke)).

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Mon, 05 Feb 1996 18:32:19 GMT  
 i don't understand

>    I'm a user of Sicstus Prolog. I tried to do something like
>    this :-
>            drink(coke).
>            :-retract(drink(coke)).

>    The interpreter gives me this error message :

>    PERMISSION ERROR: retract(user:drink(coke)) - cannot
>        change static user:drink/1.

>    Where did i go wrong ?

Add the declaration

:- dynamic(drink/1).

at the beginning.  This tells the compiler not to compile 'drink(coke)'
but rather to keep it in a form that can be recognized and removed at
run time.

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Tue, 06 Feb 1996 01:55:56 GMT  
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