Non-linear integer equation solver in Eclipse (Sepia) 
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 Non-linear integer equation solver in Eclipse (Sepia)

A system for solving non-linear integer equations in Eclipse (a.k.a Sepia)
is now available.
It can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from
in the directory

It is very suitable for solving diophantine equations.  One example
(of a number included in the files) is that it can find the (two) solutions
        X*X + Y*Y =:= 169*169

The system uses Eclipse's meta_terms and an interval representation of integers
to deal with complex constraints and searches for solutions.

The system has been tested on Sepia release 3.1.3 and Eclipse release 3.2.3.
It is intended to follow this with a system that can solve non-linear
real equations.

For enquiries, comments, bugs :-( or praise :-) contact:

John Cleary
University of Calgary

John Cleary
University of Calgary.

Sat, 19 Aug 1995 01:51:33 GMT  
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