88k versions of Lisp, Prolog, ... 
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 88k versions of Lisp, Prolog, ...

In reply to this and a few other requests:

>>From uunet!88opensi!prophet  (Michael Brooks) Sun Feb 18 11:06:07 PST 1990
>>Newsgroups: comp.sys.m88k,comp.lang.prolog,comp.lang.lisp
>>Subject: CL, Prolog on the 88000

>>Has anyone ported sb_prolog,KCL... to an 88000 processor ?

I've been doing a lot of porting to the 88k, this includes:

CProlog -- my 'fixed up' version now runs well.  I've been tweaking this
version over the years for speed and compatibility (it now runs on aprox.
20 different machines), and plan offering (to people that have the
proper Edinburgh license) the updates sometime soon.

Austin Kyoto Common Lisp -- I have this running, but it's a kludge right
now.  Hopefuly with some mods from Bill Schelter, it will soon be ready.
(see below for full story).  Preliminary idications are that it will
run quite fast.

SBprolog -- soon (if not already.  i've been too busy with AKCL to see if
the last make worked).

The last two i'll make available to the approprate people.  Though
done on a DG AViiON, i've tried to stay BCS compliant.

I also have a lot of other things ported, including stuff to fix
various bugs in DG 4.20, and my (roughly) 45 bug reports.  (Does
anyone else run xmodmap and have their keybindings go after a while?)

 it will compile most of AKCL.  in addition, i've made some modifications
 to the sources to fix several problems.  however, currently i have to go
 hand modify the (AKCL Lisp) compiler generated code when compileing certain
 constructions.  i've been hoping Bill Schelter will do the compiler mods,
 as i dont want to have to figure them out!

 you will need (at least) DG's gcc-1.35.23 or higher (soon on dg-rtp.dg.com)

 the good news is that i also ported the SFASL code and it runs well!]

- mike

ps1: has anyone ported X11R4 yet?  i dont have the disk space to do it...
ps2: if any of you manufacturers out there want software... i'd take donations
of any 88k boxes (or disks) !!--

Caltech 256-80                  (Hilo -- it's not just another rainy day!)
Pasadena CA 91125               Life's a beach.  Then you graduate.

Caltech 256-80                  (Hilo -- it's not just another rainy day!)
Pasadena CA 91125               Life's a beach.  Then you graduate.

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