Parlog++ and OO+LP 
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 Parlog++ and OO+LP

Dear All,

A few people have been asking about Parlog, Parlog++
and other Object Oriented (OO) extensions to concurrent
LP languages, so I thought I should post something.

Parlog++ (an OO extension to Parlog) runs on top of MacParlog and the
various implementations of Parlog available from Imperial College.

For information on MacParlog you should contact Tom Conlon

PLP Ltd which sells MacParlog (and MacParlog++).

Nice features of the Mac version of Parlog++ are the on-line help,
debugging capabilities, and a short paper on the language
included on the distribution disk.

The Parlog Group at Imperial College have implemented a number
of versions of Parlog for different machines. Parlog++ runs on
all of these, and is distributed with the Parlog system. For
more details email:

Parlog++ is not the only OO extension to Parlog. I've also
developed a more 'complex' system called Polka, which
currently runs only on top of Imperial College's Parlog.

The relationship between Parlog, Parlog++ and Polka is
outlined in the paper 'From Parlog to Polka in Two Easy
Steps' which is due to appear in PLILP'91.

Of more general interest might be my paper 'Design Issues
for LP-based OO Languages' which surveys and classifies the
(very) numerous approaches to adding OO features to LP
languages. All types of LP languages are covered, not just
concurrent variants. The paper has been brought up to date
several times, and is now dated June 1991.

Both papers can be obtained from the Parlog Group at:

  The Parlog Group Secretary,
  Department of Computing
  Imperial College
  London SW7 2BZ

I've also worked on an OO extension to STRAND, which is sold

If any users have questions or bugs to report (very unlikely), then

  Andrew Davison
  Department of Computer Science
  Victoria 3052
  Tel:  +61 3 344 7138
  Fax:  +61 3 348 1184


Mon, 03 Jan 1994 09:44:28 GMT  
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