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 New version of public-domain library

The newest version of my Prolog library of public-domain software is
available by anonymous FTP from the Imperial College archive. The
archive's FTP address is

The equivalent numerical address is

You access this archive in the normal way. Give your login name as
and use your Email address for the password. If, having logged in, you
find that your system can't cope with the messages from the FTP (one
symptom of this may be that when you do an 'ls', you get the message
'can't build data connection'; another may be system responses not
arriving until after the following command), then log out, and log in
again, with - as the first character of the password. This trick applies
to most FTP systems, by the way.

The entries live in the directory
with a short-cut entry of:
I.e., to access it, 'cd' to either of the above.

The older entries are stored as <entry>.tar.Z. They are in compressed
TAR format, so once you have fetched them, uncompress, and then de-tar
the result. Users of Unix systems should have no problem with this,
since tar and uncompress are standard utilities. Those using other
systems may not be so lucky, though they are now available for VMS and
MS-DOS at least.

Newer entries are stored as <entry>.zip. Use UNZIP to restore them.
The reason for this is that our tar program is now giving problems.

Remember - whichever entry you fetch, you must do so in BINARY mode.
FTP systems work in ASCII by default, so you must issue the BINARY
command before fetching any files.

The file README gives a brief summary of the contents of the directory,
while CATALOGUE is a much fuller description. Both these are in plain
text, so must be fetched in ASCII mode.      

Note: as I have only just sent the new entries, readme file, and
catalogue, these are at present in the /tmp directory. They should be
transferred to their normal place in the next few days.

Jocelyn Paine

Thu, 08 Feb 1996 05:08:37 GMT  
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