Prolog on Amdahl UTS? 
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 Prolog on Amdahl UTS?

Is there any good prolog running on Amdahl mainframe with Unix (UTS)?
I've heard that IF/Prolog was available but I am not sure of its
performance, Quintus is definitely not available, any others?

Jacob L. Cybulski,  Deputy  Director,  Amdahl  Australian  Intelligent  Tools
Programme,  Dept of  Comp Sci  &  Comp Eng,  La Trobe  University,  Bundoora,
Vic. 3083, Australia. Ph: +613 479 1270, Fax: +613 470 4915, Telex: AA 33143,


Fri, 29 Apr 1994 12:07:03 GMT  
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