Help, very novice users! 
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 Help, very novice users!


    We are in DESPERATE need of assistance.  Here's the story:

We are trying to learn Prolog.  The problem: No information.
It would be nice to learn a language with manuals readily available to us.
However, our library and bookstore are totally bare in this area.
We are heading in the direction of:

        We have the denotational semantics for the well known
        programming language called 'TINY', and are to write a
        program which will output a detailed derivation of the
        denotation from the semantic clauses for the expressions
        and commands of tiny.

This is supposed to be our winter break.
As you can see, we are having one hell of a shitty time.
Any form of help would be greatly appreciated.
By the way, we are using POPLOG prolog on a VAX 6330, if
that is of any help whatsoever. (it isn't to us)

We HAVE figured out how to:

        Get into (and use) the environment without yanking out all our hair.
        Set up a very bad database (ie: not very efficient).
        See if an atom is in a database. (kind of).
        Dump out 100000000 pages of a help file that doesn't explain anything.

Thanks very much.
We would like to remain anonymous, but can't!

Patrick Bradd
Jeff Ireland
Todd Zmetana
Larry Greenfield
Giles Cruickshanks
Nancy White
Alfred Emberson

The Department of Computer Science,
The University of Western Ontario.

(P.S. We are 100% serious).

Tue, 11 Aug 1992 10:30:30 GMT  
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