trying but not working 
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 trying but not working


I am triying to do this: i get this question from the news date
i try to do it also here is my code:

delete_duplicates(X, [X|L1], L1).
delete_duplicates(X, [H|L1], [H|L2]):-
delete_duplicates(X, L1, L2).

sound so,ething wrong here but can't find out?!

PS: Daren if you are still here this might help u maybe


> > Given the following as an example:

> > ?- delete_duplicates([c,d,d,b,a,d,b,c],List1).
> > List = [a,d,b,c]

> > Could anyone help with the predicate;

> > delete_duplicates(List1,List2) - which deletes any duplicate elements
> > List1 and returns a new list as List2.

Thu, 09 Jun 2005 05:28:37 GMT  
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