Position for visiting researcher at SICS 
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 Position for visiting researcher at SICS

The Logic Programming Systems Laboratory at SICS, the Swedish
Institute of Computer Science, offers visiting positions for senior

The positions are offered during the fiscal year july 1989 to june 1990.
Shorter time periods than one year can also be discussed.

The research area is parallel (concurrent) logic programming languages
including language design, semantics and implementation on multiprocessors
and application.

SICS is a non-profit foundation sponsored by five Swedish Industrial
companies, Ericsson, Asea Brown Bovery, Swedish Telecom, Philips and
IBM Sweden together with the swedish government programme for industry
related computer science research.

Interested parties should contact me, Seif Haridi.

        My address is:

                        Seif Haridi
                        Box 1263
                        S-164 28 Kista, Sweden

        Telephone: +46 8 752 1530 (office)
                   +46 8 739 2063 (home)

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 13:16:00 GMT  
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