Help with member predicate in ESL Prolog-2 
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 Help with member predicate in ESL Prolog-2

I'm tyring to prepare a lecture on cuts for a class using ESL Prolog-2 (public
domain version).  My samples using the member predicate do not seem to be
working (that is, returning multiple responses when expected).  It could just
be that I'm a little rusty with Prolog, but my sense is that it is the
particular interpreter I am using.  I'd appreciate any help

I have defined member as follows (straight out of Sterling and Shapiro, p45)

    member(X,[Y|Ys]) :- member(X,Ys).

When I ask

    ?- member(a,[a,b,r,a,c,a,d,a,b,r,a]).

I get yes, with no continuation (trace shows an exit).

Though I will check the net for an answer, direct Email would be better.
Thanks in advance.

Joe Hales
Assistant Reserach Professor
Duke University Medical Center

Sat, 19 Aug 1995 02:21:00 GMT  
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