Turbo Prolog / Turbo C connecting problem 
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 Turbo Prolog / Turbo C connecting problem

I am working on a program which uses Turbo Prolog and Turbo C
simultaneously. The main program is written in Prolog and some
subroutines are written in C of numerical calculations and
its graphics. However, there are some problems happening while
I link the program. The problems are:

1. There is a warning when LINK Turbo Prolog and Turbo C
   " Undefined symbol '_SCANTODVECTOR' in module SCANTOD."
   Note : the statement "READ IN" is used in Turbo C.
2. The variable declared in Turbo C to be DOUBLE or FLOAT
   cannot function in computations.
3. The graphic mode failed in Turbo C.

Can someone helps to answer my problems? In advance, thanks!

Poyu Tsou              | Knowledge rests not upon truth alone,


Tue, 12 Oct 1993 01:49:51 GMT  
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