Summary of replies to Turbo Prolog query 
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 Summary of replies to Turbo Prolog query

Here's a selection from the replies to my request about Turbo Prolog versions:

Avery Andrews

You must have TP 1.0, since  the readme file of 1.1 says that TP is `now
If the application was designed for 1.1,
it might actually work under 1.0, but then again it might not, since
the effect of overlaying is to reduce RAM requirements.

If application was designed for the latest version, 2.0, it would
not be likely to work under 1.0, since 2.0 introduces quite a lot of
fundamental changes.

Gary Murphy                   uunet!mitel!sce!cognos!garym

The version you should have is 2.0; previous versions were far too flawed to
be of any serious use, right down to compiling inadvertent Trojan-horse
programs when compiled on an 8086 or when run in too little memory.  You
should have several disks, including the Borland Graphics Interface drivers
for the popular boards, several rather involved sample applications including
a natural-language geography database, a sentence analyzer and the prolog
inference engine; the latter is required if you wish to build C&M-style
programs with asserted rules.

PROLOG.SYS is a configuration file, which stores information such as
window sizes and default directories. When you start up Prolog, it
looks for PROLOG.SYS in your **current** directory and loads up the
information. If no such file is found, a default configuration is used.

The latest version is
version 2.0. I believe that this may be the last version Borland will

You may be able to get an upgrade. If not, and if you want it solely for
educational use, Borland has the SCHOLAR scheme, which will enable you
to get the current version for just under 50 pounds.

Thanks for all your replies, both those mentioned above and others.

Having read them all, I guess that this application probably requires
Turbo Prolog 2.0. So I phoned Borland, to find that they
*do* have an upgrade policy. Send in your old disks or licencing agreement,
and you can have an upgrade for just 40 pounds (postage & packing extra).

Hope this summary comes in useful,
John K.

John Kingston, AI Applications Institute, University of Edinburgh,
               80 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN, Scotland

Tue, 04 Aug 1992 21:15:27 GMT  
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