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Egan G.K.
A Study of Data Flow: Its Applications to Decentralised Control
PhD Thesis, Dept of Comp Sci, Univ. of Manchester, 1979

Egan G.K.
A Decentralised Computing System Based on Dataflow
Proc IEEE Industrial Control and Instrumentation Conference
March 1980

EHRI82a *
Ehrig H. & Kreowski H.-J. & Mahr B. & Padawitz P.
Algebraic Implementation of Abstract Data Types
Theoretical Computer Science, 20, pp 209-263

EISI81a *
Eisinger N. & Kasif S. & Minker J.
Logic Programming : A Parallel Approach
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
December 1981

eds. Elithorn A. & Banerji R.
Artificial and Human Intelligence: Symposium
North Holland 1984

Ennals J.R.
Logic As A Computer Language For Children: A One Year Course
Department of Computing, Imperial College, Teaching Materials 81/6
October 1981

Ennals J.R.
Children Program In Prolog
Department of Computing, Imperial College, Children's Programs 81/8
April 1981

Ennals J.R.
History and Computing: A Collection of Papers 1979-1981
Department of Computing, Imperial College, Papers 81/22
September 1981

Ennals J.R.
Beginning Micro-Prolog
Ellis Horwood Series Artificial Intelligence
Ellis Horwood Ltd., 1982

Enomoto H. & Yonezaki N. & Saeki M. & Chiba K. & Takizuka T. & Yokoi T.
Natural Language Based System Development System TELL
ICOT Research Center, Technical Report TR-067
June 1986

Enomoto H. & Yonezaki N. & Saeki M.
Formal Specification and Verification for Concurrent Systems by TELL
ICOT Research Center, Technical Report TR-068
June 1986

ESHG85a *
Eshgi K.
Meta-Language and Self-Reference in Horn-Clause Programming
Dept of Computing, Imperial College
December 1985

ESTE85a *
Estenfeld K.
A Module Conception For ECRC-Prolog
29 July 1985

EXET86a *
Artificial Intelligence Research
Department of Computer Science, University of Exeter
IKBS/MS 7/86 3.5, distributed with Alvey IKBS mailshot, July 1986
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