where are "writef" and "vcheck" ? 
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 where are "writef" and "vcheck" ?

I got a copy of the Prolog-10 library programs a while ago.  The documentation
said that the following programs were included:

  writef.pl       Formatted write (writef)
  vcheck.pl       Checks Prolog files for nonanonymous variables occurring only
                  once in a clause; invaluable!

They certainly look quite useful to every Prolog programmer.  However, I could
not find them anywhere in the files I got.  Worse still, I've forgot the FTP
site where I got them from.  Could someone either tell me where I can get them
or send them to me directly ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 17:25:00 GMT  
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