Help - I need sets. 
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 Help - I need sets.

My half an hour search in library was not successful.
So tell me how to best implement sets (especially
subset relation) in Prolog. Efficiency is not important
in this case.

To be more specific, I have an enumerated, very finite
base set (say { a,b,c,d,e,f }) and I'd like to get all
the subsets, which have at least members c and d. The
standard way of representing sets as ordered lists
without duplicates does not give a trivial solution.
I'd like so much to ask something like

    :- base(B),subset([d,c|X],B).   instead of

    :- base(B),subset(X,B),member(c,X),member(d,X).

(X is not the same in these two versions, but  for my
 current needs it does not make that kind of difference)

This has to be a standard problem in Prolog-world,
but I'm novice (as you have noticed).

Any help is welcome. Books, articles, code, whatever.

Tomi Silander  

Fri, 06 May 1994 00:48:36 GMT  
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