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 What is ML?



> : In my Higher Level Languages class the textbook keeps referring to a
> : language called ML.  We joking call it "Madeup Language" because no
> : one knows what it is.  It would make me look really smart if I was the
> : one to figure it out.  Can anyone help me?

> Probably the most widely used functional language apart from Lisp (if you
> could call Lisp functional). You'd probably find references to it in any good
> comparative langauges textbook, so your statement is rather surprising.

> Matthew Huntbach

An amusing anecdote:  some years ago when the Computer Lab proposed to teach ML  
as the first language to computer science undergraduates (which it now does), a  
complaint came from a chemist on the curriculum committee that "teaching  
Machine Language as the first language is a bad idea".

Sun, 05 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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