CfP Int. WS on Inductive Logic Programming 1994 (ILP-94) ASCII 
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 CfP Int. WS on Inductive Logic Programming 1994 (ILP-94) ASCII

  The Fourth International Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming


                      September 12 -- 14, 1994

                      Bad Honnef/Bonn, Germany
               Announcement and First Call for Papers

General Information

Originating from  the  intersection  of Machine  Learning  and  Logic
Programming, Inductive Logic  Programming (ILP) is  an important  and
rapidly developing  field  that  focuses  on  theory,  methods,   and
applications of learning in relational, first-order logic formalisms.
ILP94 is the fourth in  a series of international workshops  designed
to bring  together developers  and  users of  ILP  in a  format  that
allows a detailed exchange of ideas and discussions.   Reflecting the
growing maturity of the field, ILP94 for the first time will  offer a
systems and application exhibit as an opportunity to demonstrate  the
practical results and capabilities of ILP.

Submission of papers

Reflecting the broadening  scope of the  field, ILP94 invites  papers
covering on  the three  main aspects  of ILP,  namely inductive  data
analysis and learning in first-order formalisms, inductive  synthesis
of non-trivial  logic programs  from  examples, and  inductive  tools
for software  engineering.   Possible  topics  include, but  are  not
restricted to:

     o complexity of  learning in         o relationships between  ILP
       logical formalisms                   and neighboring areas
     o higher-order learning              o predicate invention
     o learning of integrity constraints  o theory revision and restructuring
     o multiple predicate learning        o learning in relational formalisms
     o handling of noise                  o declarative bias
     o architectures for ILP              o comparative analyses of ILP methods
     o application discussions

Ideally, papers should fit into one of the following categories:

Theory. Theory papers prove results about a new or  known ILP problem
    or method,  discuss the relationship with neighboring fields,  or
    present a unified analysis of several methods.

Methods. Method  papers present  details of  new algorithms,  ideally
    including  theoretical  and complexity  analysis,  and  empirical
    results  on important  applications.    Ideally, a  method  paper
    would be accompanied by a system demo.

Applications. Application papers  describe one or more real-life  ILP
    applications  in detail,  justifying the use  of ILP  techniques,
    and  giving  a  reproducible  presentation   of  experiments  and
    results.   Ideally, an application paper would be accompanied  by
    an application demo.

Please submit four paper copies of your paper to the workshop chair

    Stefan Wrobel
    GMD, I3.KI
    Schloss Birlinghoven
    53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany.

    Fax:  +49/2241/14-2889 Tel:  +49/2241/14-2670

to be received on  or before May 31,  1994.   There is no fixed  page
limit on submissions,  but length should  be reasonable and  adequate
for the topic.   Please use{*filter*}if at  all possible.  Authors  will
be notified  of acceptance  or rejection  until  July 15,  1994,  and
camery-ready copy will be due on August 9, 1994.

Program Committee

     Francesco Bergadano (Italy)          Ivan Bratko (Slovenia)
     Wray Buntine (USA)                   William W. Cohen (USA)
     Luc de Raedt (Belgium)               Koichi Furukawa (Japan)
     J"org-Uwe Kietz (Germany)            Nada Lavrac (Slovenia)
     Stan Matwin (Canada)                 Stephen Muggleton (UK)
     C'eline Rouveirol (France)           Claude Sammut (Australia)


To keep submission dates close to the workshop, accepted  papers will
be published  as a  GMD technical  report to  be  distributed at  the
workshop and  officially available  to  others from  GMD  afterwards.
Publication of an edited book is planned for after the workshop.

Systems and Applications Exhibition

ILP94 offers participants an opportunity to demonstrate their systems
and/or applications.  Please announce  your intention to demo to  the
conference office until  August 1,  1994,  specifying precisely  what
type of hardware and software you need.


ILP94 will take  place in Bad  Honnef, a small  resort town close  to
Bonn in the  Rhine valley  and adjacent to  the Siebengebirge  nature
park.  Participants  will be able to  take advantage of Bad  Honnef's
vicinity to medieval castles and of  the new wine season that  starts
at the time of the workshop.

Registration and Conference Office

Please address all correspondence regarding registration to:

    Christine Harms
    c/o GMD
    Schloss Birlinghoven
    53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany
    Tel.  +49/2241 14-2473, Fax +49/2241 14-2472 or 2618

If you  send  (preferably by  E-Mail)  the following  information  to
Christine Harms, you will be sent a complete registration brochure as
soon as it is available:

    Last name:
    First name:
    Zip code, city:
    Intend to submit a paper?

Important Dates

     Paper submission deadline:   May 31, 1994
     Notification of acceptance:  July 15, 1994
     Demo requests:               August 1, 1994
     Camera-ready copy due:       August 9, 1994
     Early registration:          August 9, 1994
     Workshop:                    September 12 -- 14, 1994

Stefan Wrobel,
GMD (German National Research Center for Computer Science)
FIT.KI (Artificial Intelligence Research Division)

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