ILPS 91 Post Conference Workshop on Semantics of Asynchronous Communication 
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 ILPS 91 Post Conference Workshop on Semantics of Asynchronous Communication

Recent research on concurrency theory in general, and concurrent logic
programming languages in particular, has shown a close relation between
formalisms for concurrency and logic programming notions.  Prominent
examples are (Concurrent) Logic Languages and (Concurrent) Constraint
Languages, but also dataflow, broadcasting systems, and languages based on the
blackboard model.  In these examples asynchronous communication is an
important part of the paradigm.

Most of the semantic studies in different fields went on independently
and only recently techniques and models are taken over from one
field to another field.  For example, it has recently become clear that one
can obtain fully abstract trace models for dataflow, concurrent constraint
and concurrent logic programming.

The main purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers
interested in the semantics of concurrency.  The workshop will look at the
different models, including at least models for logic programming and
dataflow, and will try to bridge the gap between the different frameworks.

The workshop will be held October 31st (2pm-6pm) and November 1st
(9am-5pm) at the San Diego Princess Resort Hotel, 1404 West Vacation
Road, San Diego, California, 92109-7994.  The workshop is being held
in conjunction with the 1991 International Symposium on Logic
Programming.  Information about the hotel and ISLP are enclosed.

A fee of $75 will be charged to cover costs of the workshop.  You need not
register for ISLP if you are not planning to attend the conference.  If you
are attending the conference than your workshop registeration can be paid
along with your regular ILPS registeration.

Tentative List of Speakers:
Prakash Panangaden

-- Introductory Remarks

Jan Rutten

-- Blocks in a Paradigm for asynchronous communication

Erik de Vink

-- Semantics for Asynchronous RendezVous

Ralph Back

-- Refinement of a System based on Asynchronous Communication

Lunch Break

Katuscia Palamidessi

-- An Axiomatization of Asynchronous Communcication

Joost Kok

-- Complete Hierarchy of Dataflow Models

Vijay Saraswat and Pat Lincoln

-- A Logical Interpretation of Concurrent Constraint Programming

A few other talks may be arranged later.

The symposium will be held at the San Diego Princess Resort
Hotel, 1404 West Vacation Road, San Diego, California, 92109-7994.
The Princess has a spacious beach front setting in San Diego's Mission
Bay. Accommodation is in single-level cottage-style suites located at
the beach front.  Heated pools are available for swimming.  The hotel
grounds form a peninsula covered with beaches, lagoons, and tropical
flowers.  The hotel is located 10 minutes from downtown San Diego and
the international airport.  Tourist areas, including Sea World, Balboa
Park, and Tijuana---a colorful border town with Mexico, are all within
convenient traveling distance.

A block of rooms is being held from Sunday, October 27 until Thursday
October 31st, 1991 at a very special symposium rate which is quite
inexpensive compared to rates of other comparable hotels.  The
room rate will also be valid for three days prior to and following the
symposium.  To make reservations, please use the attached accommodation
reservation form, or call the Princess Resort Hotel at 1.800.344.2626
(from USA) or +1.619.274.4630 (elsewhere) and be sure to mention ILPS91.
If rooms run out, extra rooms might be found nearby at:

  Hyatt Islandia       (Phone: +1.619.224.1234, FAX: +1.619.224.0348)
  San Diego Hilton     (Phone: +1.619.276.4010, FAX: +1.619.275.7991)
  Bahia Resort Hotel   (Phone: +1.619.488.0551, FAX: +1.619.488.1512)
  Dana Inn and Marina  (Phone: +1.619.222.6440, FAX: +1.619.222.5916)

Submissions and information requests can be sent to one the organisers: F.
deBoer, Joost Kok or P. Panangaden.  

P. Panangaden,                 J.N. Kok,               F.S. de Boer,
School of Computer Science,    Vakgroep Informatica,   Vakgroep Informatica,
McGill University,             Utrecht University,     Eindhoven University,
3480 rue University,Room 318   P.O. Box 80089,         P.O. Box 513,
Montreal, Quebec               3508 TB Utrecht,        5600 MB Eindhoven,
H3A 2A7, Canada                The Netherlands         The Netherlands

Tel (514)-398-7074             Tel: +31 (30) 534118    Tel: +31 (40) 473877


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