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 ECLiPSe 3.5.1 / Parallel ECLiPSe

ECLiPSe 3.5.1
We are pleased to announce the availability of ECLiPSe 3.5.1, the first
public release of _Parallel_ECLiPSe_ . Even if you are not interested
in parallelism, we recommend to get this new version in order to take
advantage of other new features and bug fixes.

ECLiPSe is a generic development system for Constraint Logic Programming
(CLP) and Prolog. It comes with a number of ready-to-use constraint solver
libraries, while providing all the necessary lower-level hooks to implement
new or derived solvers.

This release implements or-parallelism on shared-memory multiprocessor
platforms (currently tested on parallel SparcStations, ICL DRS6000
and SGI Onyx).

The main objective is to speed up typical CLP applications by
combining constraint-based pruning with parallel exploration of large
search spaces. For the programmer, parallelizing an application is
achieved by simply adding some :- parallel annotations, or by
replacing e.g. a sequential indomain/1 by its parallel counterpart

The number of parallel processes taking part in a computation can be
flexibly adjusted even while an application is running. This makes
it possible to either reduce the load on a parallel machine or to
take advantage of idle processors when they become available.
Note that it is of course possible to try parallel ECLiPSe on a
single-processor machine, simulating parallelism by multitasking.

In the future, we hope to be able to provide a parallel system
for networks of workstations/PCs.

Finite Set Constraint Solver
This release includes the new library Conjunto (by Carmen Gervet,

domain terms. It is particularly suited to tackle set-based
applications in combinatorial mathematics and operations research,
where it provides for natural and generic modeling and good efficiency.
The Extension Manual contains more detailed information.

Other News

** The finite domain solver now supports domains of arbitrary ground terms.

** The database subsystem can now deal with several open databases at once
   via the new ondb/2 built-in. The multiuser database system has been
   simplified and should be easier to use now.

** User Manual and Extension Manual have been updated. The main additions
   are chapters about parallelism and about the Conjunto library.
   The postscript manuals are now formatted in a way that prints reasonably
   on both US and European paper formats.

** (Hopefully) simplified installation procedure.

** Numerous bug fixes.

If you don't have an ECLiPSe license yet, have a look at:


If you already have an ECLiPSe license, you can just ftp the new
version from our ftp server: ( under /eclipse/3.5.1

This release is available for the following architectures:

Sun3/SunOs4             (no parallel version)
HP 9000s700/HPUX        (no parallel version yet)
Motorola Delta 88k/SVR4 (no parallel version yet)
IBM RS6000/AIX          (no parallel version yet)

The PC/Linux version will follow in the next weeks, we currently
have no machine to produce the binaries.

 ECLiPSe WWW pages:             http://www.*-*-*.com/
 ECLiPSe FTP site:      (  /eclipse

Tue, 26 Aug 1997 17:53:51 GMT  
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