2nd CFP: Multi-Paradigm Logic Programming 
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 2nd CFP: Multi-Paradigm Logic Programming

       Please note the approaching deadline for paper submissions to the

                     JICSLP'96 Post Conference Workshop on

                *** Multi-Paradigm Logic Programming (MPLP) ***

                         --- Deadline --- 14 June ---

                 <URL: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~chak/mplp/>


        Call for Papers    *    Call for Papers    *    Call for Papers

                     JICSLP'96 Post Conference Workshop on

                *** Multi-Paradigm Logic Programming (MPLP) ***

            5/6 September 1996                       Bonn, Germany

Declarative programming systems are logic programming (LP) systems with varying
underlying logics that determine the semantics and computational model of the
system.  The expressiveness of declarative programming paradigms is greatly
enhanced by combining different declarative programming paradigms by means of
integration of their logical foundations, e.g., integrating functional and Horn
clause LP, combining LP languages with constraints and computer algebra
systems, integrating LP with process calculi as well as unifying various LP
models by exploiting new logical foundations such as linear logic and rewrit-
ing logic.  In recent years, the research on integrating declarative program-
ming systems led to significant achievements, resulting in a new era of
multi-paradigm logic programming.

    This workshop is designated to the investigation of the foundations and
methodologies for constructing multi-paradigm logic programming languages.  It
also reviews various approaches and recent developments.  In particular, this
workshop aims to bring those who are working on different integration ap-
proaches together to investigate common frameworks and future directions of
general multi-paradigm logic programming. The workshop emphasises the following

 * General frameworks for integrating LP systems such as general logics, linear
   logic, and rewriting logic.

 * Approaches for integration that include

   - integration of Horn clause logic language with other LP systems (such as
     functional programming, equational LP),

   - logic programming based on meta logics (such as linear logic, rewriting

   - integrating constraints or computer algebra systems with logic programming
     systems, and

   - integrating logic programming with process calculi and concurrent object

 * Implementation and application of integrated systems.

    The workshop will be organized as a full day workshop consisting of a
keynote speech by *Bruno Buchberger* (RISC Linz), refereed paper presentations,
and a panel discussion.  The proceedings are planned to appear as a *formal
publication*. Submissions should either consist of an extended abstract
(max. *5* pages) or a full paper (max. *15* pages) -- electronic submission
(DVI or postscript) is encouraged.

                                Important Facts

The *deadline* for paper submissions is           ** 14 June 1996 **
Notification of acceptance/rejection by           10 July 1996

                                                  Manuel Chakravarty
                                                  TU Berlin, FG SWT
                                                  Franklinstr. 28/29, FR5-6
                                                  10587 Berlin, Germany
Info in the World-Wide Web at                    

                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~chak/mplp/


                             Organising Committee
                          (Co-chairs are marked by *)

    Tetsuo Ida*                                     Yike Guo*
    (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan)                       (Imperial College, UK)

    Joxan Jaffer                                    Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
    (NUS, Singapore)                                (TU Berlin, Germany)

    John Lloyd                                      Hendrik C. R. Lock
    (Univ. of Bristol, UK)                          (TH Karlsruhe, Germany)

    Jos Meseguer                                  Wolfgang Schreiner
    (SRI, USA)                                      (Univ. of Linz, Austria)
      Manuel M.T. Chakravarty, Technical University Berlin, IKS, Germany
                Virtual home: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~chak/

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