AADEBUG'93 - New deadline 
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 AADEBUG'93 - New deadline

             CALL FOR PAPERS - New deadline March 15, 1993


1st International Workshop on Automated and Algorithmic Debugging

    Linkoping University, Linkoping, Sweden, May 3-5, 1993

The area referred to as automated debugging has seen major developments
over the last decade. One especially successful area of automated debugging
is algorithmic debugging which originated in logic programming but
later has been generalized to concurrent languages, imperative languages,
lazy functional languages, etc. Important advances have also been
made in knowledge-based program debugging, and in approaches to automated
debugging based on static and dynamic program slicing.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from
different areas of automated debugging and different programming
communities to exchange ideas and advance the state of the art of
automated debugging. Typical topics of the workshop include
(but are not limited to):

 - Declarative debugging
 - Algorithmic debugging for different classes of languages
 - Practical experience on realistic programs
 - Automated debugging for parallel languages
 - Testing and automated debugging
 - Program Slicing approaches
 - Knowledge based debugging approaches
 - Assertion based approaches
 - Relationships to other areas

In order to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas, the workshop
will be limited to at most 70 people. Authors are invited to submit 5
copies of papers of up to 15 pages to Peter Fritzson before March 15:th.

encouraged. All accepted papers will be included in the workshop
proceedings, which will be distributed to the workshop participants.
We are currently negotiating with Springer-Verlag regarding the publication
of the proceedings.

Invited keynote speaker:  Ehud Shapiro


 *   Papers should be received before                March 15:th

 *   Notification of acceptance                      March 31:th

 *   Final version of paper received before          April 13:th

 *   Deadline for registration                       April 15:th

Program chair:

Peter Fritzson
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linkoping University
S-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden
Phone: +46 13 281484
Fax:   +46 13 282666

Program Committe

Luis Moniz Pereira     (Lisbon New University, Portugal)
Gerard Ferrand         (University of Orleans, France)
Nahid Shahmehri        (Linkoping University, Sweden)
Jan Maluszynski        (Linkoping University, Sweden)
Mireille Ducasse       (ECRC, Munich, Germany )
Bogdan Korel           (Wayne State University, Detroit, USA)
Rudolph Seviora        (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Mary-Lou Soffa         (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Registration, submissions and local organization:

Henrik Nilsson
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linkoping University
S-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden

Phone: +46 13 282601
Fax  : +46 13 282666


Department of Computer and Information Science
Linkoping University
S-581 83 Linkoping

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