Program: NACLP'89 Workshop on Types in Logic Programming 
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 Program: NACLP'89 Workshop on Types in Logic Programming

Program: Special Workshop Session on

                     "Types in Logic Programming"

on Friday, October 20 as part of NACLP'89 at Case Western Reserve
University in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you would like to attend this workshop or are interested in the

the Internet.  Below is the tentative workshop schedule.

 9:00-9:30    Kimbal Marriott & Harald Sondergaard
              Type Inference as Program Analysis

 9:30-10:00   Eyal Yardeni & Ehud Shapiro
              A Type System for Logic Programs

10:00-10:30   Thom W. Fruehwirth
              Type Checking with Subtypes in Prolog


10:45-11:15   Dale Miller & Gopalan Nadathur
              The Polymorphic Typing of Lambda Prolog

11:15-11:45   Frank Pfenning & Ken Cline
              Logic Programming and the Propositions-as-Types Principle


 1:00-1:30    Nevin Heintze & Joxan Jaffar
              Elementary Types in Logic Programming

 1:30-2:00    Uday Reddy
              Regular Tree Types: Pros and Cons

 2:00-2:30    Joe Zachary
              Type = Sort + Mode


 2:45-3:15    Roger Nasr
              LIFE's Types

 3:15-3:45    Dean Jacobs
              Combining Liberal and Conservative Types for Logic Programming

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