HELP: Running SBProlog on A500 with 1 Megabytes 
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 HELP: Running SBProlog on A500 with 1 Megabytes

I'm having some trouble running the SBProlog on my A500 with .5 meg. of
chipmem and .5 meg fastmem. When I try to start the program, I keep getting
an errormessage 'not enough core'. Is this 'not enough memory' and is there
a (simple) solution to this problem (besides buying more memory!). I believe
I've heard about somebody who actually ran the program with 1 meg., but I
don't remember who it was. So, if anybody outthere has the answer, please
write NOW! (its quite important!)

thank you for helping me out!

Stephan Grubbe


Tue, 03 May 1994 00:17:05 GMT  
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