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   I am learning Prolog and working through some parsing examples at the
same time.  I am working on a Prolog example but having problems, I'm
hoping that someone can help.  

   The example is a chart parser.  The 'rule' rule accepts a part of speech
and tries to match that part of speech with the a matching part of speech
at the beginning of the tail of the grammar rules.  For example:

part of speech to match: np

'rule' should match s ---> np, vp.
or xxx ---> np, yyy.

Here is the code below:

s ---> np, vp.
np ---> det, nb.

np ---> [kim].
det ---> [a].
tv ---> [ate].

word(Category,Word) :-            % This rule works great for matching words
        (Category ---> [Word]).        % against the appropriate part of speech.

rule(Category, [Word]) :-         % This rule fails to match.
        use_rule,                 % I don't understand why?
        (Category ---> [Word]).


Thanks for the help!!!!

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Tue, 15 Aug 1995 06:24:20 GMT  
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